Bundle Deal!
$32.50 USD
PayU Latam SDK Recurring Payment Gateway for WHMCS
Selector país de la pasarela
pagos con Tarjetas de Crédito
Tokenización Remota de Tarjetas con PayU
Tokenización Local de Tarjetas con encriptación SHA256
Reembolso de Tarjetas de Créditos
Modulo PayU Credit Cards
Confirmación de transacciones
Transferencias Bancarias PSE (Solo Colombia) *Opción Configurable*
Pagos en Efectivo *Opción Configurable*
$1.50 USD
$5.00 Setup Fee
Auto Recalculate Prices
This module allows you to update the prices of the services of each client and create exceptions of user groups so that they are not updated.
$550.00 USD

Module Auto Recalculate - License Open Source
Terms of Service

  • One Time Payment

  • Lifetime Valid

  • Unencrypted Source Code

  • No Inbuilt License Verification

  • Priority Access To Multi-Level Tech Support

  • Yearly Access To Module Updates

  • Access To Ultimate Offers

Usage Terms
You are allowed to actively use a purchased module on a single WHMCS installation at one time only. A development environment is the only exception.

Code Sharing
You are not allowed to share the code of the module or any of its snippets to anyone except your own company.

Technical Support
Technical support in scope for modifying the module is not included. Modification of the source code might result in limitations of technical support.

Module Updates
Upon purchase you receive a yearly access to updated versions of the module and technical support. Each additional year of the access costs $29.95. This fee is not mandatory and entirely voluntary. The payment can be made at any time, which will automatically extend the access for the next 365 days.

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